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Established in 1980

Brothers Achieve Gold Certified Engineer Status

Celebrating Excellence: Walker Crane Services' Gold Certified Engineers

Unprecedented Achievement: Dan and Jamie Ross Attain Gold Certified Engineer Status at Walker Crane Services.

In a remarkable achievement for Walker Crane Services Ltd, brothers Dan and Jamie Ross have earned the prestigious title of Gold Certified Engineers, the highest accolade within the FASSI network. Their dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to their craft have set a new standard of excellence for the company.

Celebrating Excellence: Walker Crane Services' Gold Certified Engineers

A Remarkable Feat of Skill and Dedication

Dan and Jamie Ross, both with a strong passion for the crane industry, have showcased their exceptional skills and professionalism by attaining the Gold Certified Engineer status. This achievement is a testament to their extensive experience, unyielding commitment to quality, and in-depth understanding of the FASSI cranes.

Celebrating Excellence: Walker Crane Services' Gold Certified Engineers

A Legacy of Excellence

Walker Crane Services Ltd, established in 1970, has cultivated a rich history in the Lorry Loader Industry. From its modest beginnings, the company has blossomed into a prominent player known for its exceptional service and commitment to its clients. Strategically located near the M25, their facilities cater to a diverse range of clients across the South East of England.

Celebrating Excellence: Walker Crane Services' Gold Certified Engineers

Comprehensive Services for Every Need

With a broad spectrum of services, Walker Crane Services remains a leading force in the industry. From crane sales, servicing, repairs, and maintenance to load testing and training, the company’s comprehensive offerings cater to all aspects of the lorry loader world. Their partnership with FASSI, one of the world’s largest crane manufacturers, underscores their commitment to top-quality products.

A Rich Legacy and a Promising Future

Walker Crane Services’ four-decade legacy is marked by their unswerving dedication to customer satisfaction. As Gold Certified Engineers, Dan and Jamie Ross embody the company’s values and commitment to excellence. Their achievement further solidifies Walker Crane Services’ position as an industry leader, poised to continue their legacy of service, quality, and innovation.

In a world where expertise matters, Walker Crane Services continues to shine brightly. To learn more about the remarkable journey of the Ross brothers and the outstanding services provided by Walker Crane Services Ltd, click here

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