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Established in 1980

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Ordering with us initiates a comprehensive collaboration with Fassi, lorry manufacturers, chassis suppliers, and more. Ensure a comprehensive handover. 


Select your size, customisations and colour.

After placing an order, we engage in a collaborative process with Fassi, lorry manufacturers, chassis suppliers, bodybuilders, and crane attachment providers. Upon completion, we’ll arrange a comprehensive crane familiarization handover and offer optional fully-certificated ALLMI lorry loader training.

Founded in 1965, Fassi stands as a global leader in loader crane manufacturing, producing 9500 cranes annually. Established in 1979, Fassi (UK) Ltd addresses the rising demand for Fassi in the UK, boasting a robust network of approved dealers and service centers.

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We discover you requirements and best crane for the job on a call.
CAD software is used to design the crane to meet lifting & job requirements.
WCS will collaborate with our partners to build your custom Crane.
Finally the Hand-over & training. We hope to have you as our client soon.
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